David and Tiffany were married on May 28th, 2006. Some pictures can be found here, I'll add more in a bit.

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About us

Tiffany is a graduate student at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, TX, where she is pursuing her PhD in Structural and Computational Biology. She spends her workdays using computer algorithims to simulate protein folding, and her after-workdays entertaining her always-ready-to-play puppy. Tiffany grew up in Anchorage with several years spent living in Tokyo, Japan. Felling the cold, she went to college at the beautiful UC Santa Barbara, where she double majored in Biochemistry and Computer Science. Tiffany loves her some Tivo, good fantasy books, and all things world of warcraft. Although she hates the cold, she does rock an awesome pair of pink skis on occation.

David is a professional student - also at Baylor College of Medicine. He is pursuing a combined MD/PhD degree, and is currently in the graduate portion of the training, working in the department of Molecular and Human Genetics. He aspired to graduation and gainful emplyment sometime before 2020. David graduated from Duke in 2001 (class of Battier) and has been described as "mildly obsessed" with Duke basketball.

How we met

Tiffany and David both moved to HoustonĀ  to start graduate training at Baylor College of Medicine. Although we were starting in different programs at Baylor , we both happened to sit at the same table at an orientation barbequeue for incoming students - but didn't start dating until two years later, when, upon David's return to graduate school, we met back up at a party.

The engagement

Sometime in early January, 2005, we had "the talk" where we sort of agreed in principle that this whole marriage thing would be pretty cool - of course, as far as David was concerned, his hand would now be well and truly tipped, should be attempt any sort of spontaneous romanticism, and that a suprise proposal would be difficult to achieve. To rectify this situation, he spent the next few weeks a) trying to convice Tiffany that it would be some time before he could find/purchase a ring - "6 months, at least" and b) working feverishly to find/purchase said ring immediately. For this, David turned to his best friend (now brother-in-law), Dave, who had recently put in quite a bit of research in his own diamond shopping endeavors. On the pretense of a work-related trip, Dave took an inpromptu flight to Houston, helping David select a ring by the end of January.

As it turned out, David was going to be out of town for Valentine's Day (for a conference!), and consequently, we had planned to celebrate the weekend prior, by cooking dinner at Tiffany's place - and had also stipulated that we would not exchange gifts. After dinner, David excused himself to the other room, and returned with a large, heart-shaped box of chocolated, under the pretense that some minimal gift exchange was required. After opening the box, Tiffany quickly discovered that the cener chocolate had been replaced with the ring, followed by a one-knee proposal, and Tiffany knocking over a chair and emitting a burst of words that were later determined to have been assent...

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Contact Tiffany at tewarth@yahoo.com